Family Wine Estate

Norbert & Stefan

Norbert and his Son Stefan consider themselves as a team, willing to do what it takes to bring the quality from their vineyards into the bottle. Norbert’s 35 years of experience play an important role for cultivating the vines organically. Stefan could gain some experience overseas and as a creative mind he is constantly ready to try something new.

Renate & Birgit

Renate and daughter Birgit are big wine lovers. Renate is the right hand of Norbert and is responsible for organization and sales. Above that she is always an essential part of wine tastings. Even though Birgit is not working at the family’s estate, she is always proud to open up a bottle of Rosner wine and is a reliable help on certain occasions.

Family Tradition since 1897

Experience in making wine for more than a century, the excellent soil in Langenlois and various established varieties characterize our family-owned winery.

Langenlois’ tradition in viticulture goes back to the middle age and was practiced by its townspeople from that time on. Theresia and Johann Rosner bought the wine estate’s house in 1897 and seven years later the wine cellar where wine has been produced up to today. As of 1934 Leopoldine and Franz Rosner continued the family’s tradition and cultured the vines. 1958 Margarete and Franz Rosner took over the winery and expanded both, the cellar and the land. Since 1995 Renate and Norbert Rosner have been in charge and modernized the winery as well as extended the areas for vineyards.

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