Wines from the Kamptal – family tradition since 1897

Experience in making wine for more than a century, the excellent soil in Langenlois and various established varieties characterize our family-owned winery. Passionatly we expend a lot of effort every year to finish our wines with a personal touch, which is important to us.

Eco-friendly viticulture

Preserving the natural balance of our vineyards is important to us. That‘s why we have been focusing on eco-friendly viticulture for a long time and converted to certified organic in 2010.

Our vineyard sites

Our wines are characterized by varied climatic and geological conditions, which give them their typical freshness and spiciness.

Our wines

Lively, authentic and rich in contrasts – our wines are a reflection of the region, which we put unadulterated into every bottle.

News from Weingut Rosner

Weingarten nach vollendetem Rebschnitt mit Blick in die Fahrgasse

We Finished Pruning

In February we were pruning our vineyards to pave the way for the growing season in the upcoming spring. During pruning we focus on barely harming our vines by trying our best to cut only small wounds.

Sekt Flasche beim Rüttel-Vorgang

Sekt and Sparkling Wines

We are proud of our sparkling wines where we use two distinct methods to make our wines fizzy. For the Jahrgangs-Sekt we use the traditional method of bottle fermentation like in Champagne.

Wine sales

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