Measures We take out in the Vineyard

Working in line with nature out in the vineyards is self-evident for us. This is why we have pursued  sustainable wine growing throughout decades. Above that, we have been certified organic since 2010. Most important for us personally is to protect the nature’s resources and we see this clearly in our responsibility because making wine from our own vines gives us the opportunity to control the whole process from the soil of our vineyards to the finished bottle of wine. In the following sections we want to show you the measures we take to enhance our viticulture.


As opposed to artificial fertilizer, we only use organically produced compost to supply our vines with nutritions. This enlarges the population of microorganisms and smallest living organisms in our soil.

Green Cover

We grow an individually compiled mixture of plants within the rows of our vineyards to foster diversity. This measure supports useful insects, loosens soil compressions and enhances the microfauna in our grounds.

Plant Protection

Two fungal diseases make it necessary for us to take measures and protect our vines. However, we waive artificial plant protecting agents and rely on organic treatments which we support by many mechanical measures that are often done by hand.


Throughout the vegetation period, we have to protect our vines from weeds which compete for nutrition. In doing so, we also turn away from conventional measures like weed killer and just apply the mechanical way i.e. using ploughs and brushes to fight off the weed for growing too big.