Our Vineyard Sites

The family owns various outstanding vineyard sites in Langenlois so called “Ried”. Norbert and Stefan set their common goal to separate the wine from these pretty distinct soil types and bottle them separately.

Ried Kittmannsberg

The vineyard (Ried) Kittmannsberg is located in the west of Langenlois. It is a very deep and calcareous loess soil that shapes this vineyard terrace. The u-shaped form prevents the vines from wind which leads to a special micro climate that characterizes our Grüner Veltliner. Our vineyard is located on the top of the Kittmannsberg and is in the family’s possession for decades now.

Ried Spiegel

Ried Spiegel is located in the south of Langenlois on the way to the next village Gobelsburg. The soil consists of several layers of loess soil from different climatic phases. The highly limy soil contains a very balanced mixture of minerals. These excellent conditions are the basis for our Grüner Veltliner Spiegel.

Ried Steinberg

Coming from Langenlois, one climbs up the Schenkenbichl, leaves the Käferberg behind on the way to Schiltern and reaches the single-vineyard Steinberg. A plateau site characterized by primary rock on which our Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc and part of Zweigelt stands. The base of the soil is formed by gneiss, mica schist and quartzite, but also amphibolites.

Ried Hasel

Vineyard (Ried) Hasel is at the foot of the Dechant in the nord-west of Langenlois. The ground consists of calcareous loess soil with mineral silicates. It contains sandy and partially rocky elements in deeper layers. The Riesling vines are 30 years in age and result in a very fruity and cheerful Riesling wine.